Looking for files from a recent or past presentation I’ve given? Here they are!

Have It Your Way: Preferences, Choices, and Student Autonomy in Online Classes (ITC 2023)

Developing Developmental Courses Online (ITC 2023)

“Sludge”-free: Consistent Design for Friction-Less Online Courses (ITC 2023)

Qualitative Matters: What Course Development Rubrics Cannot Assess (ITC 2023)

More, Mobile, More Social: Remaking Online Presence for 2022

Privacy Over Policing: Why You Don’t Need Proctoring Software 2021

Come One, Come All! Instructor Presence Presentation 2020

Lesson Elements (Listen, Watch, Read, Look) 2020

Creating Great Audio Content 2020

Creating Great Video Content 2020

Mayer’s 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning 2020

OLC Presentation 2019: What Flavor is Your Online Class?

Are You Available? Creating Social Presence in Your Online Class 2019

teAchnology (Co-Presenter) 2018

Crucial Conversations 2018

Powering Up: Inspiring and Empowering Adjuncts (Co-Presenter) 2018

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