Allegra Davis Hanna

I work as a Training Lead for Organization Transformation on a higher ed institution’s change management team. My work focuses on organization-wide transformation.

I’ve been teaching college since 2005, and served for 8 years as English faculty and Humanities department chair at a community college. I worked at our college’s fully online campus since its inception from 2014-2022.

I have presented nationally as an invited keynote speaker on student engagement, instructor presence, multimedia, podcasting, and creating inclusive online communities.

I have also presented on faculty training, adjunct development programs, labor-based and contract-based grading, LMS transitions, and writing course policies with reasonable rigor.

In 2019, I was awarded our college’s Chancellor’s Award for Exemplary Teaching, and was recognized as a distinguished educator by the Instructional Technology Council (ITC) at their annual eLearning conference.

I co-create the Profess-Hers podcast, lead college-wide technology teams, chair professional development committees, and am a campus leader on our civic engagement panel. I led our college adoption of a new LMS, as well as the faculty training and transition.

With my husband, cats, and dogs, I live in Denton, TX.

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